Have you ever…

A few years ago, when word about a hidden valley in the Amazon started spreading, I wanted to go and find all of you

It was certainly a whole new world now. She had listened to everyone’s news earlier and couldn’t help but feel satisfied.

The World of NanoRobots

Their fingers brushed…
They spent the next few minutes talking about Lily. Savannah told Nani about Errol and saw the worry on her face. But Nani also looked proud when she learned about everything that Lily had been able to do..

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“I’ve known you since we were kids. You never really cared about doing anything. And going exploring out in the Amazon? It’s not you, Sav!”


“I have something you are going to love,” Lily teased as she opened one of the crates to the side.


“Are they dead?” Ethan asked.


Errol looked uneasy as he watched the two youngsters.


Crystal said they had to get away. She remembered screaming because she had been scared.


Lily and her sister Nani had been waiting outside, and together they left town that night.


Nani thought about what Shiloh said. It was possible. If the children came from another village of refugees, then it would explain the little one’s age.


Sinta, the elder for Build, had worked on the stage. He and his team built it to look like the inside of a tree trunk.


“You will all love what we prepared,” Sarah, the elder for Teach, excitedly shared.


Bruce stepped forward and began to address everybody.


Our new heroes! Lily, Savannah, and Esther! Come on stage and receive your council jobs.


When I was eight, my mother gave birth to my sister Deanna. We call her Bean.


Bean and I left because people were becoming hostile.


Lily laughed at the desperation in Celeste’s voice.


“Emilia…the girls’ mother, left us.”


He attacked us.” She glared accusingly at Devon while reaching out to grip Ethan’s hand.


Bruce, Hector, Hannah and Sylvia were the only ones with me.


“Build gets better every year,” Savannah remarked, making it sound almost like a compliment.

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“No. My dad did. The state made him go to a therapist after he was rescued.” Ethan shook his head. It had become a habit for him to do that every time he talked about his dad.


“Tears? What are you men up to? We’re gone for a few minutes, and you guys have decided to cry over the past?” Her tone was light but also firm.


When they got to the window they had climbed through, it was obvious that Nani was not going to be able to climb out on her own.

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